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Inspiring Presentations and Bottom-Line Takeaways

Planning a meeting is challenging enough. And the last thing you need is a problem speaker.

  • The rah-rah motivator who leaves attendees "pumped" but wondering what they got...
  • The monotonous lecturer who lulls... them... to... sleep...
  • The prima-donna presenter whose self-centered dramas and last-minute demands threaten to derail your meeting...

Brand Launcher speakers make your life easier. Jon Goldman is a dependable pro who is thrilling and easy to work with.

Our speakers are top-notch presenters, with riveting stories, visual props, and surprising case studies. But a successful presentation doesn’t happen by accident. We work hard before we arrive to tailor the presentation to your audience. At your event, we give your attendees insights they can take to the bank: practical tools, real-world examples, and bottom-line recommendations. Instead of a generic “canned speech,” they'll receive targeted ideas that fit them like a glove.

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