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Freedom Teams & Freedom Systems

You have a good business. You’ve invested a lot (maybe too much) money and time, you’ve worked hard, and you’re even profitable. But why aren’t you able to enjoy it more? When will you finally be able to take enough time for yourself?

Freedom Teams & Freedom Systems helps business owners like you — business owners who have great businesses, but are frustrated by the day-to-day activities of running their businesses. If you are looking for better emotional and physical health, if you want to get “unstuck” from daily operations, or if you want to increase the worth of your company for a potential sale — then this program may be for you.

Freedom Teams

You can build a powerful team that is “on fire” and deeply engaged, comprised of the right personnel with the right skills. With effective training and management, you can make everyone’s job easier and your company more successful.

When your Freedom Team is working together, your business more naturally produces results. Create a Path of Ascension for employees, empower them to “own” their roles, and implement measures to keep them fulfilled and excited.

Freedom Systems

With your Freedom Team in place, you can develop the operational structure, processes, and technology to make your company more efficient and more productive.

The Freedom Teams & Systems program includes a four-step process:

  • D-Factor Assessment identifies the opportunities and challenges you and your company are facing.
  • Analysis shows you a snapshot of where you are vs. where you should be.  
  • Action Plan allows you to focus on priorities with time frames, budgets, and explicit tasks assigned to specific people.    
  • Getting it Done (GID) is the final step, going from planning to action.

Through the process, we aim to simplify, codify, and multiply what your business does best. How does this work? We will help you simplify the way you do things, creating processes and standards; codify these into a system that enables you to scale as your company grows and expands; and multiply, increasing revenues while keeping costs to a minimum.

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