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It’s 1961. The Vietnam War is raging. Hippies are in their full regalia. The study of psychology is advancing rapidly. And Albert Bandura has an idea. It involves a Bobo doll and he’s looking to take a stand on an age-old debate. Bandura takes a group of young kids and has some of them watch a big “Bobo doll” get clobbered and yelled at by an adult model.

Sounds dramatic? Take a look at Brand Launcher member Dave, the CEO of a successful real estate company.* The work atmosphere in his business was like a two-year-old in a never-ending temper tantrum. The personal dynamics of his employees were bleeding into the workplace with a few toxic individuals who were infusing the office with negativity.

  When I was in 5th grade we had a mandatory choir performance. During one of the practices, the instructor came up to me and quietly said, "Jon, would you mind mouthing the words?"  OMG- that little statement made such an impact on me! This happened over 40 years ago and I still remember that event down to the very details! Two powerful takeaways for leaders: 1.

I don’t usually do this. I don’t usually share very personal stories. But this past month my daughter got married and something happened at that wedding that left a tremendous impact on me. If you're open, it can do the same for you. Today I’m won’t share any 5 take-aways or downloadable reports or checklists.

Do you feel like millennials just don’t get it? You’re doing all of the “right things”- publicly recognizing their success, giving away free food, providing more meaningful work, giving more and faster feedback. But it’s kind of falling flat. They’re still not the responsible, hard-workers you and your colleagues were and are.