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I'm going to make a bet. You’ve done your homework. You’ve paid your dues and attended Marketing 101 (or something of that nature). You have a decent understanding of your ideal prospect, your Hungry Fish.

I’ve written millions of emails and over 500 blogs. Literally. After years of analyzing open rates for both businesses and nonprofits, I’ve boiled down what I’ve seen are the top 3 principles of getting read. Click here to check out one of our highest opened blogs ever. 3 actions to make your open rate skyrocket. Make it personal. (both the headline and content).

December 15, 2016

Conventional wisdom says that your marketing highlights only the success of your company. You tell prospects why you’re the right choice: your product is the best; you’ve been around for ages; you’re tried and true; your people are so trained; your facility is so modern; your processes are so up-to-date; and your prices are so reasonable.

What makes your business more valuable to every potential business buyer? "75% of businesses that go to market, never sell. They either fold or the business continues to putter along." says Harvey Zemmel, author of "The Secret to Exceptional Wealth". Every year, about 250,000 businesses change hands.

What do the Chicago Cubs and your marketing campaigns have in common? The Cubs broke their 108 year losing streak last Wednesday night and won the World Series. What a game! They outlasted the Cleveland Indians in Wednesday’s do-or-die Game 7 in a dramatic 8-7 victory—a roller coaster of emotion that will go directly into the history books.