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Dennis Sullivan

Brand Launcher Marketing Master Mentor

Dennis Sullivan is a business coach, information-marketing guru, conference pro, and publishing expert. He's also a college professor of business management and marketing and a high school lacrosse coach.

Dennis joined Brand Launcher in 2007, where he uses his multifaceted skill set to make strategies come to life with online/offline work, social marketing campaigns, and information marketing. With a classic copywriting background combined with extensive experience with entrepreneurial businesses, Dennis has both the business sense to develop campaigns that work and the talent to implement them.

His professional career began as an award-winning investigative journalist at several newspapers. From there, he served as editor and eventually publisher at United Communications Group, the fifth-largest B2B publisher in the U.S. He then went to Agora, an innovative B2C publisher, where he ran the editorial and marketing side of its health publications division.

As a Brand Launcher Marketing Mentor, Dennis helps clients develop and execute solutions to generate new leads, boost sales, and launch new products. When Dennis isn't working, you can find him teaching in the college classroom or coaching on the lacrosse field.

Dennis graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in English and a minor in Journalism, and holds an MBA in Finance from Johns Hopkins University. He lives with his wife and two sons in Kingsville, Maryland.