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Speaking Topics

Marketing Topics

5 Marketing Moves to Make Now

Yesterday’s marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, lame advertising and “me-too” marketing falls flat. This session reveals five out-of-the-box marketing moves that you can use now to get the phones ringing and boost sales. Discover practical ideas and surprising tips immediately applicable to your own business. Find out how to leverage your budget by targeting “Hungry Fish,“ how to motivate more sales using “Irresistible Bait,” and how to overcome resistant prospects with a “Reason to Believe.”


Social Marketing on Speed - Crash Course

Social marketing can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. But Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube can eat you alive with hours of unproductive time squandered in front of your computer. This crash course reveals simple techniques and powerful, free tools to harness social networking, blogging, and autoresponders. Learn how to become a trusted expert and find out the "tricks of the trade" to leverage an influential social presence into real sales and real results.


Marketing to Generation Y

Generation Y (born between 1982-2000) is tech-savvy, multitasking, and impatient. And if you expect to sell to this age bracket, then you need to understand who they are and what makes them tick. Find out the communications tips, selling techniques, and marketing strategies that work with Gen Y.  Discover what really motivates Generation Y, and how to use it most effectively; identity their "unrealistic expectations" -- and understand how you can deliver on them; and learn the most effective marketing strategies for this distrusting group.


Don’t Be a ‘Me Too’: How to Zig When Your Competition Zags

If your prospects compare you ‘apples to apples’ to your competition, then you made a major mistake in your marketing. Jon Goldman will show you how to use dramatically different marketing to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create a “Big Zig” and force prospects to see you in a whole new light -- find out how to turn conventional wisdom on its head to take a completely unique angle that gives you a quantum leg up on your competition.


How to Make a Million With Lumpy Mail

Most Americans sort their mail over the trash. To get your direct mail opened, you need outrageous marketing that smashes through the clutter. Find out the 3 R’s of direct marketing, the 2 things you need to get high response rates, and the single most important word you should use in your marketing to get prospects to jump at your offer. Jon Goldman is the creator of Lumpy Mail, and he has used it successfully with clients from Häagen-Dazs to the Atlanta Braves. Find out how to use this marketing technique in your own business!


Business/Management Topics


Harnessing the ADD Dragon

Your plans are brilliant, but your execution is poor… you overcommit and overpromise, then struggle to make good on your word… your family and friends complain that you’re “all over the place”…  if this sounds familiar, then you’ve got something millions of entrepreneurs share -- “the ADD Dragon.” If you control it, this dragon can be magical. But if it controls you, then get ready for a life filled with unfinished projects, unkept commitments, and unfulfilled potential. Join entrepreneur Jon Goldman as he uncovers the strategies that can transform the "ADD Dragon" from a crushing liability into your greatest asset. Discover simple techniques to stop leaving a wake of destruction behind you; halt the "promise-making, promise-breaking" cycle; and create more harmony in your life.


Unstucking - How to Retool Your Business and Your Life

Do you have tremendous potential that you’ve barely tapped? Do you feel you have greatness inside but something is stopping you? Are you STUCK? In this riveting, high-energy presentation, Jon Goldman shares creative, unconventional techniques to help you unleash your greatness and break through to the next level. Learn how to identify your core competency; how to compensate for your innate weaknesses; and how to fulfill your personal potential. Join this explosive keynote address for an energizing shot of inspiration, fun, and counter-intuitive eye-openers.


Let’s All Play Nicely Together: Managing Boomers, Xers, and Yers in Your Business

If you haven’t experienced inter-generational clashes in your workplace yet, get ready! Chances are, your business will soon include Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (1960s and 1970s), and Generation Y (1982-2000). These groups don’t just think, talk, and work differently?they have vastly different expectations of each other, your company, and you. And as the owner or manager, YOU are responsible for making it work! This refreshingly practical session lays out the expectations of Boomers, Xers, and Yers; reveals the power of using Recognition across generational lines; demonstrates how to avoid becoming a Referee; and shows how to “bridge the gap” between employees -- even employees who are 40 years apart!