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A 22 year old tennis coach taught a surgeon how to operate better. Here's how... Dr. Atul Gewande, a forty-some year old surgeon thought he reached his professional peak. Specializing in endocrine surgery, Atul had performed thousands of surgeries. He was doing well, had consistent success rates, and achieved a high level of expertise.

Google “musical savant” and you’ll meet Derek Paravicini. Born over 3 months premature at 1 ½ lbs., he hung on to life but emerged from the experience blind and with tremendous cognitive disabilities. Nonetheless, Derek is a savant. He has an uncanny skill at the piano.

I've never publicly shared my private thoughts about an election before. Now let me be clear, this isn't a "we won" or "we lost" rant. I'm interested in the post election fallout. The national reaction to this election is fascinating. It underscores a fundamental truth: how you feel about a situation depends on how you think about it.

Why does Mark Zuckeberg always wear a grey shirt and mine are always white? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wears the same gray t-shirt every day. Sometimes a hoodie on top of it, but that too is always gray and always the same one. Do you know what I wear just about every single day? A white dress shirt and dark pants. Hang in there, I’ll tell you why.

I have to tell you the truth about your communication... "That's what I thought she said." How many meanings does that sentence have? CLICK HERE to submit your answer and win a prize. Can't wait? CLICK HERE to find out now... Listen closely, because the answer to this question is the root of most conflicts in business.