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The Core Competency Wizard

For most business owners today, the most important asset you have is not your computers, your inventory or even your customers. It's your employees! Yet, when was the last time you really sat down to evaluate your hiring process like you scrutinize over your sales or ordering processes? How do even know when to hire someone? For most, the decision comes once they realize that they simply can't get everything......

Secrets to recruit your ideal Freedom Team

What do blogging moms have to do with growing your business?More than you'd think.Check this out. Procter & Gamble, makers of household brands like Pampers and Crest, is giving a number of "mommy bloggers" all-expenses-paid trips to P&G's headquarters, according to Ad Age.The PR spin meisters say the trips are just to get the feedback of these outspoken mothers, not to sway them. "We've made it clear......

How to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers