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It's messing things up. Here's why... Chances are that your office has some messy drama. You’re not alone - most workplaces do. Last week we discussed shifting from Victim to Creator: creating your own reality instead of being a passive, helpless Victim. Now it’s time to meet the next character in this trio- the Rescuer. To recap: Dr.

Office drama is real. And it’s ugly. Scott’s dad was difficult, very difficult. He was critical, inflexible and overbearing. The two had been in business together for decades, but things were getting over the top. To make matters worse, Scott was in the investment industry.

As I’ve been researching and speaking to dozens of entrepreneurs about their secrets to creating a Culture of Accountability, I discovered an interesting study that changed the way I looked at things. Read on for a new perspective that might change the way you look at your employees... “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford.

Upward Jumping Monkey, Noun.

Meet Nick Gianoulis, aka “The Godfather of Fun.” As the founder of the Fun Dept., Nick spent over a decade helping companies bring the fun back into business. Nick has a thing or two (or three!) to say about fun and how it can change everything at work. Read on to discover Nick’s top 4 reasons to have more fun at work.