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What's Your Stretch?

What's Your Stretch?

January 23, 2009

A proven method for change

At this time of year, many new year's resolutions have already been broken and they're ancient history. I've seen research that says one-third of all resolutions are broken by February. That's why I like to encourage my clients to 'stretch' instead. A stretch is something that is a little bit challenging but also fulfilling. It requires stretching from your comfort zone while remaining in your abilities.

If you're trying to change your way of being so you live in abundance and want to be more generous with your time or money, for example, a stretch may include taking a friend or customer out for dinner and expecting nothing in return. Or, you may invest in

something healthy for yourself. Or visit with a client that you haven't seen in a while. Often a stretch involves other people. It usually means picking up the phone and contacting them. Maybe you can go online and buy a small gift for someone. Don't think that the stretches have to be really big. As a matter of fact, they shouldn't be. Start small and let them evolve naturally.

What are some ways you can stretch? What is a simple act you can do this week or this month? Who have you been thinking about contacting but just haven't done so yet?