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Want a 50% response rate? Here's how.

Want a 50% response rate? Here's how.

April 22, 2010

Do you feel it?

Everyone I talk with seems more optimistic about their business ' the new car ads are starting to re-appear (didn't think I would ever look forward to seeing them!) ' the daily earnings reports from Wall Street are showing profits once again and it's not just because it's spring time!

Could the Great Recession finally be coming to an end? I pray it is.

In the meantime, my phone has literally been ringing off the hook with clients who want to improve their response rates on their marketing. Another sign???

But, and this is important: The old direct mail marketing methods won't work. Spending is still too tight so you have to stand out more than ever before. Here's how '

Add a "lump" to your marketing and get a "bump" (in response)

"Don't throw away this opportunity!"

What am I talking about? I'm talking about Lumpy Mail of course! Lumpy Mail is what we call 3-dimensional mail. It can be a letter or a marketing message of some sort sent in a package such as a bank bag (yes a real bank bag!) or in a bottle (think of a message in a bottle) or in a tube or it could even be sent in a letter-size envelope with a piece of candy or something to make it 'lumpy' and intriguing enough for someone to open it.

Think those ideas will get someone to open your marketing? You bet it will!

In fact, I'm going to give you the 3-step campaign that pulled in an incredible 50% response rate. Most direct mail campaigns generate about a 1 % response rate; 3% if they're lucky!

"Finally! An offer you can put right in the bank."

This one got a 50% response rate!!

When you need to grab a prospect's attention, there's no better way than to send them something they absolutely can't ignore. Imagine getting a letter in the a trash can or in a bank bag? You just have to open them up.

The pieces you see in the pictures are part of a multi-step campaign we did for the National Basketball Association that was not only fun, but it worked!

The goal was to increase ticket sales.

The trash can mailer you see takes some chutzpah because you actually come right out and tell the prospect, 'I knew you would throw my letter in the trash so I did it for you, but I think you would be making a big mistake. Here's why '' Then you explain why you think your message is so important that they shouldn't throw it away and instead should take the time to read what you have to offer.

In the next step of the mailing, we sent prospects a bank bag that said, 'Finally, an offer you can put right into the bank.' Inside, we included another marketing message. Wouldn't you open a bank bag if it was sent to your in the mail?

Finally, the third step was the clincher! We sent a coconut in a clear security bag. The coconut was divided in half so we could include an offer letter and a testimonial inside.

We've used this particular package in several campaigns, one of which generated a 60% response rate! When was the last time you generated a 60% response rate?!

It doesn't matter what industry you're in; promotions such as these outperform traditional marketing every time, especially in the current economy.

For more about these and other Lumpy Mail campaigns go to www.LumpyMail.com. And if you need help putting together your next campaign call us at 800-805-1220.

Always taking your from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman