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Try the Tush-Head Principle -- It Just Might Help

Try the Tush-Head Principle -- It Just Might Help

July 14, 2011

In L.A., where people place a high value on their cars, a typical car wash just won't cut it. Instead, many people prefer a "car spa" where they can spend $159 to have their tires "dressed" and door jambs hand waxed. It's amazing to see how different cities represent different values as I've learned while travelling.

One of the benefits of being on the road and speaking (in addition to being offered all the peanuts and pretzels I can eat!) is that I get to discover things about cities others may not ever get a chance to see.

What I find amazing is that every city has its own values and personalities. Some are good and some are not so good.

And what I've learned is that we tend to follow what I call the Tush-Head Principle. Allow me to explain'

The Tush-Head Principle is this: wherever our tush goes, our head follows. If we go to the gym all the time, then we tend to think about eating and drinking healthier. If we go to the baseball fields with our kids often, then we tend to be more involved with our family. If we go to conferences, we tend to think about ways we can improve ourselves and our organizations.

Where our tush goes, our head follows.

I see it all the time in cities I visit. Go to Coos Bay, Oregon and you'll find saws everywhere since the timber industry is such a big part of the culture there. They value nature there. As you may expect, things move slower -- a lot slower. And that's just the way folks like it.

In Los Angeles, where I was speaking at another event, I found people value their cars so much that they don't just take them to car washes they take them to 'car spas.' Here, you can get your tires 'dressed' (not really sure what that is), door and jambs waxed, dashboard vents thoroughly cleaned and an exterior rubber silicone treatment.

Atlantic City has more Pawn Shops than I've ever seen. Why? Because so many people value quick cash to get them by until their next pay check or until they win their money back at the casinos.

But this week's visit tops them all. I just returned from speaking at a conference in West Palm Beach, Florida and I've never been to a place where people are so concerned with how they look. They have cosmetic surgeons for your face, lips, hips, hands, varicose veins and even hairlines. They have shops just for teeth whitening. When I woke up in the morning I had to decide whether to try the Hazelnut Creamer or some other fancy creamer.

It seemed like every magazine and ad I saw there contained some sort of offer to change how I looked. But that's apparently what people value ' look good and feel good. You can see how people can become obsessed with how they look instead of who they are.

Where you are really is a reflection of what you value. Positive places influence you. So do negative places. The question is where are you spending your time? Where do you want to spend more of your time?

Keep in mind, where your tush goes so goes your head.

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President