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Stressed Out? Overwhelmed? Get it Out!

Stressed Out? Overwhelmed? Get it Out!

March 17, 2011

When feeling stressed out and overwhelmed the natural reaction for most entrepreneurs is to tune it all out, dig in and start dealing with whatever is at the top of the pile.

But this may not be the best solution. Try a Brain Dump instead. Just recognize what you're feeling and get out all the emotions you're feeling (i.e., angry scared, resentful, stuck, ashamed, sad, etc.). This type of 'clearing' can be incredibly cathartic.

"I'm always afraid of what you don't say."
- Neil Diamond, I Got the Feelin'

You can do the Brain Dumping in one of two ways: dictation or journaling. Most people are familiar with journaling in which you simply write your thoughts on paper or on the computer for 10 or 15 minutes and let the thoughts flow out into the words.

The other way involves dictation, which may not be as familiar. It's inexpensive and can include unlimited dictations and best of all its anony'mous. I use Pamela McQuay at 866-267-9825 ext. 448 (tell her I referred you so you can get a deep discount).

Simply call the number and spill your guts. Purge yourself and share all of your fears, worries and concerns.

Go through them one by one.

Say all the things that nobody else should hear. If you have negative judgments about yourself, spill them out. If you have nega'tive thoughts about others, spill them out. If you're stressed, let it out. Don't worry. It's private and confidential. Nobody will ever hear or see it, except for you (and an anonymous transcriber).

Example: 'I feel scared. The tuition payments are due. And the mortgage payment is due. My wife just booked a vacation for us which we can't afford. I don't know how we're going to pay for it. My wife doesn't understand how much pres'sure I'm under..'

This is very messy ' and that's fine. In a brain dump you'll be mixing 'judgments' and 'feelings'. You will blend the 'truth' with what is only your 'inter'pretation' of the facts.That's OK. When you get your transcript back, those things will become apparent as you read through it.

Something else will happen as you read it.

You'll begin to feel better because it won't seem so overwhelming. All those things that seemed overwhelming in your head won't look so intimidating on paper. This purging clears the way for creativity to come in and allows space for you to be positive so you can find solutions to the frustration and stress you're feeling.

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President