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PERSONALITY QUIZ: Why you don’t delegate

PERSONALITY QUIZ: Why you don’t delegate

September 16, 2016
I hear this all the time. “Jon, I’d LOVE to delegate, but I just can’t.”  Then they go on to give me lots of
real, logical excuses.  But after years of hearing it all, I’ve boiled down all the reasons to 3 basic 
personality types of non-delegators.

Ready to find out which one you are?

Take this quiz and write down your answers.

 1. I don’t delegate because:
     A. It takes too long.
     B. It’s my job as a leader to do it.
     C.  They won’t do a good job.

2.  If I take the time to delegate:
     A.  I won’t be able to get to everything else I need to do.
     B.  They’ll think I’m shirking responsibility.
     C.  They’ll fail and I’ll have to pick up the pieces.

3.  My biggest delegation fear is:
     A.  I'll waste so much time and money.  We can't afford to hire such an expensive, experienced person.
     B.  They won't need me anymore.
     C.  I'll give over the responsibility and they'll do a bad job.  

4.  I wish the most that:
     A.  They could figure it out themselves so that I wouldn’t have to babysit and stop what I’m doing to train them.
     B.  I could still manage everything without the accompanying stress.
     C.  They could learn to do it exactly like me. 

If you answered:

A, to the majority of the questions, you’re a Fast Frank.
B, you’re a Controlling Carl.
C, you’re a Dependent Diana.

Ok, let’s break them down.


Fast Frank
Your Big Issue: Slowing down to speed up.

“Slowing down to speed up” is an overall management issue, but it’s especially problematic when
it comes to delegation. As I’ve mentioned earlier, delegation takes time.  You feel too busy running
your company to take a break to do anything else (even if it’s to make your company more efficient!)

Your Solution:
Remember that it’s true, there’s no way to shortcut the initial time investment.  Pay now or
pay later. BUT, the benefits are huge.  Not only will you get your HABUT (Highest And Best Use of Time)
time back, but you’ll get a more authoritative and energized team. At the end, you’ll have an
operations manual, written detail of company processes and team members who 
can train others.  This will make you free, even if the current person doesn’t work out.

You’ll ultimately save a lot more time and money. It’s a front loaded cost for a long term gain. 
Just keep the big picture in mind and be patient.


Controlling Carl
Your Big Issue: Letting your team make mistakes and learn from them. 

Remember when you learned to drive? You, the novice driver, were always accompanied  by an 
experienced hand.  Many times, the instructor had a specially outfitted car with a
brake and gas pedal on the passenger's side. And even a horn!

The driving instructor may have sounded like a broken record: speaking in constant, melodic chant 
“Slowly”, “Patience”, “Very good”.  If the instructor was any good, I’m sure the man had gray hairs
to match his years on the job, but he exuded confidence and calm.

Your Solution:
That’s how you need to train. It may include some white knuckled moments, but if you’ve learned
how to drive, you can handle it.  If you’ve taught a kid to drive, you’re already a master!  

You can only give up CONTROL as you increase COMPETENCY. Otherwise you
are a fool  who just dumps and runs.

You’re right- they will fail and you’ll have to pump the breaks. But right now your job is to teach 
competency, not just get the job done.  You’ll need to clearly delineate the processes, explain
thesubtleties (we call it the art of the job), train for the task, and create feedback
loops to monitor progress.


Dependent Diana
Your Big Issue: Co-dependency of being needed as a leader.

This is a real issue that often goes unmentioned. It’s too touchy. How can anyone tell you that
it’s safe to hand over your baby?  

And who are you if you’re not the crazed, overworked boss that everyone depends on?

If you don’t delegate, you stay in the middle of every decision and every solution.  You stay 
needed for every detail, every account, every purchase. 

As an added bonus, you may get to play a guilt trip on your employees. Gosh, aren’t you just the
most dedicated business owner?  Which employee dares to leave early when there’s
so much to be done?  And clearly there’s so much to be done - when you,  the 
employer, are so frazzled.  Only team members who also exhibit masochistic
tendencies get to be in your inner circle.


Your Solution:
Remember that it’s your company not your job. You are still in charge and have
the ultimate authority.  Moreover, you’ll get time back to do the jobs that you really
thrive in:  your HABUT jobs, which are the Highest And Best Use of your Time.

So Frank, Carl and Diana, remember that:

“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself, or get all the credit." -Andrew Carnegie

Delegation is a major key to creating a Freedom Team and System to help you work on your business 
instead of in it.

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