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My Secret Weapon to Get Others to Follow

My Secret Weapon to Get Others to Follow

September 19, 2009

The best managers analyze.

It's true. Think about the best managers you've had. They probably didn't praise a lot. They did so when it was warranted and you probably appreciated it. Nor did they penalize a lot. In fact, they probably gave you the 'freedom to fail' because they knew that in order to grow you would have to test new ideas.

The key for you is NOT to focus on the details. Leave that up to the people you hire. Stay focused on the big picture ' and you'll get others to follow.

How do you do that? Try my secret weapon. I call it the Goal MASTER Wizard. It helps you set objective metrics with someone so both of you can measure performance and so YOU can stay focused on the big picture.

Important: Whatever you measure improves.

In a study of 491 sales employees, 60% had no written goal; 32% had only general goals; and only 8% had specific annual dollar sales goals that they wanted to hit, according to the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. And guess what? Those with specific goals earned more than everyone else!

That's the power of setting goals. Try it using the Goal MASTER Wizard below.