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The most intersting man in the world's dirty secret

The most intersting man in the world's dirty secret

May 22, 2016

"A rattlesnake once bit him and after 5 days of excruciating pain, the rattlesnake died. He can speak Russian... in French. In museums he's allowed to touch the art. Bigfoot tries to get pictures of him. He once ran a marathon because it was on the way. He gave his father "The Talk." He lives vicariously through himself."

He is The Most Interesting Man in the World.


Read on to discover his little secret that will change the way you look at your marketing.


In 2006 Dos Equis, a small Mexican flavored beer company needed something big. They needed to be new and different to break out of their small West Coast market. So they created the legendary Most Interesting Man in the World who, "doesn't always drink bear. But when he does, he prefers Dos Equis."


The campaign went wild. It soon became one of the most successful ad campaigns in the 21st century and doubled Dos Equis' revenue. The Man became a beloved character. He was playful and intriguing and seemingly timeless and always reminded everyone to "stay thirsty, my friends."


But after nearly a decade of showcasing the Most Interesting Man in the World's adventures, Dos Equis made a drastic move.


They sent him on a one way trip to Mars. That's right. After a nearly a decade of enjoying his adventures, the world bid farewell to the beloved Most Interesting Man in the World. However, it's not completely over. In just a few months a new Most Interesting Man in the World will take his place.


Why? Why would Dos Equis jeopardize this beloved, massively successful campaign?


Because Dos Equis understands the secret behind successful campaigns. They think big and "get it."


They understand the power of staying fresh.


Here's the little secret:

The first bite of a Snickers bar is delicious, the second is still yummy. But by the 15th bite, it's really not that appealing anymore. It's called The Law of Diminishing Returns. 


What worked yesterday may not work today. Nearly all campaigns run their course. Just because you've been doing something in the past, it doesn't mean you should keep doing it. People change, we change, the world changes, sometimes at a dizzying pace. There's a constant evolution going on around us.


Most leaders think that if they nail one big idea once, they're set. They view their branding as a one-time deal. All they have to do is come up with something so creative and unique then they can sit back and let it run its course. Right? Wrong.


Even the most ingenious campaigns don't last forever.


Our society is addicted to dopamine. We crave newness. One interesting idea simply isn't enough anymore. You have to be constantly re-creating yourself.


But before you panic, let me tell you one more crucial piece of the puzzle.


The goal isn't to constantly become a new brand. It's to be your authentic brand with new, fresh twists.


Dos Equis announced that they're still keeping the Most Interesting Man in the World campaign, but creating a younger character with a slightly different flavor. They're not scrapping the campaign all together because that has become part of their brand's identity.


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In the meantime, check out our 4 Question Killer Checklist to Staying Fresh:


 1. Who are your Hungry Fish NOW?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm slightly obsessed with identifying Hungry Fish. These are the people who are hungry for your product or services.


Your Hungry Fish 10 years ago may not be your Hungry Fish today. Maybe the demographics of your target market have changed. Maybe they've gotten older, or maybe you'd really like to target a different gender or sub-culture.


Dos Equis realized that they really wanted to target the young college scene (which is no surprise for a beer company...) Their ads were appealing to an older crowd, so they had to rethink and recreate their campaign.


2. What do they care about NOW?

Most marketers make the mistake of focusing their research efforts on discovering and defining their target markets demographics. But that's just the first step. The next, most important step is understanding your audience's psychographics.


What makes them tick? What are their values? What are they passionate about? What are their biggest issues?


In 2005 McDonalds launched a massive campaign. They had been receiving criticism for being one of the most unhealthy fast food restaurants. Their calorie count, fat and sodium contents were off the charts. Sales were rapidly declining.  


But McDonalds was smart. They understood their target market's psychographics, so they gradually started adding healthier options to their menu such as salads, fruit smoothies, carrot stick in their Happy Meals. It's been an ongoing uphill battle to reshape their image as a healthy option, but they're determined to win. In fact, McDonalds has recently been rated 8 out of the 10 healthiest fast food restaurants by Health.com (sans the supersized coke and Big Mac.)


3. Is it consistent with YOU?

A crucial question to ask yourself when staying fresh is, is this new feel consistent with who we are?


You may want to target millennials, but if you're an accounting firm, it would be straight out weird to name yourselves "Funky Monkey Accounting." Your image has to fit with your company's values and your personality. If you can't be it, ditch it.


*Recently I had to stay consistent with my personality and had a major clash with my videographer. CLICK HERE to get the full scoop.*


4. WHY are you doing it?

This question will make it or break it when rethinking your branding.


You have to have a strong, compelling reason why you're changing anything. Change in and of itself isn't a goal. In fact, people like consistency and actually become attached to a brand's personality.


When Tropicana changed the packaging of their orange juice, their customers were furious. They felt that it looked cheap and generic and they actually missed the classic look of a bottle of Tropicana. Tropicana quickly realized that their new look didn't add anything for their customers, in fact, it was turning them away! After a few short months, they switched right back to their original packaging and their sales shot up again.


Sometimes your employees or vendors will suggest change because it's new and exciting, but more than that, it makes them look good. TV commercials and flashy campaigns may stroke your ego, but don't fall for it!


You have to have a reason for change. Unless you're adding value to your customers, don't simply change for the sake of changing.


Want to stay fresh but feeling old?


Click below to enter our drawing for a complete Brand Freshness Launch.


3 winners will be selected to win a mini-launch and receive personalized tools and guidance to keep their company engaging and relevant.


The drawing will take place on Tuesday, 5/24 at noon.



Taking you from where you are to where you want to be,

Jon Goldman