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Marketing Hot Sheet: Who would you trust?

Marketing Hot Sheet: Who would you trust?

July 24, 2009

I chose the picture at the top for The Mobile Mechanic. I love convenience. He came right to my house. Here's why I finally called:

1. The Mobile Mechanic advertises consistently in the same publication I read. I wasn't ready when he ran the first ad or the second or even the third one. Finally, when he ran his sixth ad, I was ready and I called. Remember, about 80% of all sales occur after the 5th contact.

2. He 'looked' professional. I didn't actually know if he was or not, but he looked like it. How you package and present yourself is everything.

3. They answered the phone when I called and scheduled an appointment right alway.

Note: They almost lost me however, because of a mistake they made. They didn't have a website for me to find their number. They will soon because they're just getting strated.