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Marketing Hot Sheet: A Simple, Easy Way to Use Social Media ...

Marketing Hot Sheet: A Simple, Easy Way to Use Social Media ...

December 24, 2009

How one company increased sales about 30%

Everyone is talking about Twitter these days, but most small business don't really know what to do with it. This is a great example of how even the smallest, simplest business can make practical use of this cutting-edge (and FREE) technology.

Coffeegroundz, a Houston coffee shop in Houston, is a gathering spot for tech-types. The manager heard them talking about Twitter and decided to set up an account just for fun. Soon after, the shop had the following Tweet exchange:

This seemingly simple exchange set off a firestorm of publicity, social media growth for the cafe - and a 20-30 % increase in sales!

Now CoffeeGroundz has over 5,500 Twitter followers, and the cafe uses Twitter regularly to take orders, inform customers of new products or special events, and build their brand through building community.

This Twitter presence of this one small coffee shop in Houston has been covered not just by the Houston Chronicle, but also by The New York Times and Forbes magazine! And this campaign cost them absolutely nothing.

What's interesting about this is that the business adjusted how it communicates with customers based on the technology they prefer. It's not based on how the business prefers to communicate.

What forms of social media are your customers using to communicate? How can you use social media such as Twitter in your business? Could you take orders? Inform customers of new products? Build community? It's all new, there are no rules - so think outside the box!