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Marketing Hot Sheet: How good are you at spotting great marketing

Marketing Hot Sheet: How good are you at spotting great marketing

July 25, 2009

There are a lot of very good reasons why this marketing package for the Forbes Special Situation Survey publication continues to beat every other test 3 years after it was created, despite the stock market meltdown, the biggest recession in 60 years and the poor state of the publishing industry. Here are just 4 reasons.

1. Most marketing experts will tell you to try to stick to just one emotion (fear, greed, anger, frustration, etc.) in a headline. But in this case, the headline cleverly combines two different emotions: fear and greed. Giving readers a 'false' choice is a terrific way to grab their attention. For example, a headline for a vitamin product may read, 'Do you want to listen to your doctor ... or do you want to feel better?'

The headline from the envelope is also the headline in the letter so the theme continues as a prospect opens the letter.

2. Take the risk out of the buying decision by offering a strong money-back guarantee. Tip: Always include a picture and signature of the biggest names associated with your product to give it more authenticity.

3. Listing the benefits near the order form is another terrific method to reinforce the reasons why a prospect should take the next step with you. Using words such as 'exclusive' and 'entitles you' also gives the offer a sense of scarcity so prospects feel they're getting something special.


4. Testimonials like this one are like finding GOLD! The reader obviously didn't want his identity revealed so the story was told through another credible source and printed on this lift note. Short notes like this are great for testimonials and will often lift response. Always add a picture!

Special thanks to the creators of this marketing package for sharing their insights and allowing us to reproduce it in the newsletter. The creators are: Copywriter Robert Lerose, Lerose Copywriting 516-486-0472 and Designer William Fridrich, Fridrich Design 910-762-3993.