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Marketing Hot Sheet: Can You Blend a Ford 2011 Fiesta?

Marketing Hot Sheet: Can You Blend a Ford 2011 Fiesta?

October 25, 2009

Social media campaign generates 4.3 million YouTube followers, 50,000 potential buyers without spending a penny on advertising

Selling cars is tough right now, but Ford had an even tougher challenge: How to launch a new car with $0 in the ad budget and very little money for marketing?

Ford's Scott Monty answered with the Ford Fiesta Movement in which he gave the new 2011 Fiesta to 100 social 'agents' for them to drive around the country and perform monthly missions such as filming puppies playing soccer or having a friend who looks like a celebrity sign a song or re-enact a scene from a movie. Agents must also keep a log on YouTube.com of their experiences driving the car. So far, the agents have helped Ford generate more than 4 million viewers on YouTube.com and 97% of the 50,000 potential buyers they've interviewed said they never would have bought a Ford prior to the movement.

In one mission (pictured below), a Ford Fiesta social 'agent' meets with Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson who has made a name for himself and his company trying to blend everything from cell phones to golf balls. When he can't blend a piece of Boron used to build the Fiesta, they take the new car out on a test drive. It's hilarious! Check out the results! Nearly 250,000 views! And they're all watching a video about how much the guys loves his Fiesta and it didn't cost Ford a dime.

How can you create a social movement about your products? How can you create irresistible bait?