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Marketing Hot Sheet: Can the "Buy Now" Button Really Make a Difference?

Marketing Hot Sheet: Can the "Buy Now" Button Really Make a Difference?

September 26, 2009

Too often I see buttons on web sites that just say 'Click here' on the order button. Huh? That's the most important action you want your hungry fish to take and all someone could come up with is 'click here'?

Check out this button. Created by Internet Marketer Perry Belcher, he calls it the 'most tested buy button in internet history.' He says he's used it on hundreds of sites and has seen amazing results.

'Split tests show close rates increased by 35% to 320% over ANY other buy button I have ever used,' he says. 'Every element of the button has been tested individually in over 10,000 closed transactions.'

So why does it work? First, although you can see it better on the web, the button is yellow and orange so it grabs your attention. Second, 'Add to Cart' does not sound nearly as intimidating as 'Buy Now.' It's a terrific way to ask for the sale, similar to asking a customer, 'Are you paying with cash or credit?' You're asking for the sale, without really asking. And it reiterates the discount offer above the button.

Test it yourself. The button is free for you to use. Grab, paste, edit and use. All Belcher asks is that you leave him a comment about your results on his website at www.BelcherButton.com.