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The Marketing Hot Sheet

The Marketing Hot Sheet

April 20, 2009

'Ok guys, lets see what you can do?!?' We took the challenge and increased his response rates by 30%.

Gold Member Tim Mai came to us with a problem. He had a big launch he was doing (remember the last one he did that brought in more than $1 million?! Go to http://www.yourbusinessgps.com/teleseminar-archive where he explains how he did it.) This time he wanted to increase his response even more and drive more traffic to his website. We did just that, increasing his response rate more than 30% using the two most powerful words in marketing.

What are they? A prospect's first name and last name. And we did it with a special program we use that creates a website address using a prospect's name. Every prospect had their own URL. The web page is basically the same for each person but it has their own name all over it. When your prospects go to the site, they see it's been created just for them which makes them feel great. As a result, they're more likely to want to do business with you. The only thing that's unique is the URL!

Names in websites create such intrigue that a prospect is more likely to respond. Gold Member Tim Mai increased his response rate more than 30% using this approach compared to the same mailing in which prospects were sent to a traditional website without any personalization.

Promotions around events such as your own birthday is a great opportunity to promote an offer. You won't have to worry about competing with many other birthdays!

I also love how Tim Mai makes it a no-brainer to take the next step. He offers so many free gifts that anyone would be foolish to not at least check it out.


From Ho-Hum to Wow! Selling with words, not pictures

Everyone knows that if you want to sell your landscaping service you have to do it with pictures of beautiful gardens and backyards, right? Not so fast. If that's what everyone else is doing why not grab your prospect's attention with a free gift, like your favorite packet of flowers and tell them why they should trust you? When was the last time you got a letter from a landscaping service?

Create a Big Zig. While everyone else is zagging in the market, find a way to zig and separate yourself from the competition. There's no hard-sell either. No 'call for an appointment before we're booked' or 'get a free estimate for the next 2 weeks only.' Instead, this landscaper is offering to build trust with prospects. Here's how he does it and how you can do it too in your own mailings.


If first impression is everything, avoid these examples

3 things you absolutely must NOT do in your marketing

How many times have you gotten a 'Bill Me Later' offer and never paid? Inc. and Fast Company Magazines are now getting tough with customers and sending 'collection notices' to those who don't pay up. If you're offering free trials or bill me later options, don't resort to threatening notices and letters from your 'Credit and Debt Collection Department' like this one. You risk alienating your customers for life. I absolutely refuse to pay the bill now.


Top 4 reasons this ad is a winner, and how you can create your own winner

I love this ad but before you start emailing me about how the pearls may not be worth the cost of shipping (about $25) and may not be very good quality as a simple google search shows, let me assure you I'm just focused on the ad itself. Not the product. So that said, let me show you why this ad does so well, and how you can apply the concepts to your advertising.