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Make Doing Business With You Fun

Make Doing Business With You Fun

December 08, 2008

Stew Leonard's began as a small dairy farm in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1969 and has grown to become the world's largest dairy store and one of the most innovative grocery stores.

They're also the largest distributor of Purdue chicken in America. That's more chicken sales per square foot than anyone else. How did they do it? They make their customers enjoy the 'experience'. Is doing business with you an experience? If not, better start thinking about how to catch up with the 'new experience' economy before your competitors do.

Notice how they stand for one thing. Yes, they're willing to make sure 'the customer is always right', but they don't try to be all things to all people. Focus. Focus. Focus.


Danger! Neckties enter at own risk.

At the Trail Dust Steakhouse Restaurant in Arlington, TX and Denver they're about having so much fun that if you walk in there with a necktie on, they'll cut it off! Really!

I can just hear their employees arguing when they came up with the idea: 'But some people won't like it! What if they don't want us to cut it? Won't people get offended?' You bet, not everyone will like it, and guess what? THAT'S JUST FINE! They were willing to take a stand. You want to push some people away and in doing so, you will attract everybody else. Go ahead and stick your neck out with something that is a BIG ZIG and watch your profits climb. The world has enough 'me too's' already. Take a risk and get noticed!