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I'm coming out with my drug addiction

I'm coming out with my drug addiction

March 20, 2016

I admit it. I'm a total addict.


It's hard to face the facts, but it's about time that I share with you what's going on.

I'm addicted to dopamine.


I go for the quick hits, and multiple times a day. When I go for too long without it, I feel withdrawal.


Here's what I do:

I check my emails frequently. I feel the desire to respond to texts as soon as I hear that "ping". I’m drawn to following the news. Others like me get instant notifications when someone messages them on social media.

Then, BAM, a quick hit of dopamine.


Here's why this matters for you and your business:


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter naturally released by our brain. It's essential a "feel good" chemical. We get shots of dopamine when we receive reward and pleasure. Dopamine releases are especially strong when we receive an unexpected reward or something new.


Technology has "wired" us to expect and crave multiple shots of dopamine a day. When we get a new message or notification we feel that immediate release. And here's the fascinating part: it almost doesn't matter what the message is. The anticipation of the "reward" releases the dopamine just as much, if not more, as getting the actual reward. That’s crazy. Think about it: we feel just as excited, if not more excited by the "ping" of a new message than actually reading it.


And here's the deal: dopamine is addictive, which means the more you get, the more you crave.


So here's my gamble: I'll bet that you're blissfully unaware that you may be a dopamine addict too.


See, the world we live in is so hooked on dopamine, but like most addicts, we can be completely unaware. Especially since "everyone" is doing it.


Try this: turn off your phone for 4 hours. Yes, completely power it off in the middle of the day. No phone calls, texts, emails, notifications. Nothing.

Can you feel yourself squirm just thinking about it?

How about full day? A week?


Ok- so we really (really) like our dopamine shots- so what’s the big impact on your business?


Dopamine is a powerful chemical. It's not inherently good or bad. It's a tool.

It can help motivate us and push us to achieve our goals, but it can also lead us to self-destructive behaviors.


So here's the real bomb question: is this what I feel like doing or what I really want?


I feel like eating ice cream. I feel like checking my email. I feel like surfing the web. I feel like getting that instant gratification.


But, I really want to build a team that is inspired, empowered and independent. I really want to spend time with the people that matter most. I really want to be productive and proactive.  I really want to make an impact on the world.



*Stay tuned: next week learn how to use dopamine effectively and ethically turn your clients into "addicts."


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Here are 5 game-changing techniques to break free and focus on what matters most:


1. Awareness

Just being aware of how much we're triggered by the constant dopamine releases throughout our day is the first step to living the productive life you want.


Take a minute while you're working and notice how frequently you stop to check your emails, read a text, ect. You may be surprised at just how often you're interrupted from the task at hand.


If you remember this blog a week from now when you hear a "ping", you're on the right track!


2. What should you really be doing?

See, distracting activities are only distracting if you're really supposed to be doing something else.


*Discover how to identify your HABUT (Highest and Best Use of Time) HERE.*


Most people spend their time doing activities that are IU- Important and Urgent- dealing with the problematic order, covering for a sick employee, filing the payroll. But real productivity lies in accomplishing activities which are INU*- Important and NOT Urgent- strategic planning, training, networking, ect.


Once you're clear on what you really should be doing, you can move on to implementing practical techniques to help you focus on that.


3. First click of the day

What's your first click of the day?


The vast majority of people spend their first click of the day in "reactive mode". They check their email, read the news, or check the weather.


The problem is that if you start off in reactive mode, you'll stay there. If you wake up to the news, without realizing it you've framed yourself in a state of fear, problems, and being a victim.


"If you don't have your own goals, you'll end up being a slave to someone else’s goals."


Start off your day proactively. Be intentional. Spend your morning hours being creative. For most people that’s when they are freshest and most able to make progress on the most important tasks.  Use that precious time before you get bogged down to set a productive tone for the rest of the day.


My friend, Dov Gordon, actually goes to a restaurant, instead of sitting in his office in the morning to focus on writing while his brain is fresh, hopeful and relaxed.


4. Small wins

We get shots of dopamine from small rewards, so set yourself up for small, quick wins.


You'll get the same sensation, and in fact a greater, more meaningful "feel good vibe" by achieving small goals that you set out to accomplish.


Think in terms of sprints. Break big, overwhelming tasks down into small, manageable chunks. Focus on what you can do today, even if it's just a chip in the long term process.


It isn't about being short-sighted. It's about being empowered to implement change today, instead of waiting for the elusive time when all the pieces will magically fall into place.


Remember: it's about progress, not perfection.


5. Disconnect to Connect

Dopamine is powerful, but there’s actually a drug that will give you even more pleasure. It's called oxytocin and it's the relationship hormone.


So fill your time with meaningful activities and connections. These are people like your team, family, clients, prospects, and friends.


Take a break from the constant barrage of distractions and focus on the people who really matter most. And let me tell you, the few letters that the people you love really crave are not S-T-U-F-F, M-O-V-I-E-S, or F-O-O-D. They're T-I-M-E.


So, in reality I'm a recovering addict. I haven't thrown my phone into a lake or smashed my computer. I'm still living in the world of constant dopamine triggers, but I'm not so much of a slave to it. We have the power to choose how we spend our time and allow ourselves the freedom to focus on what really matters most.


*Stay tuned: next week learn how to use dopamine effectively and ethically turn your clients into "addicts."


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Taking you from where you are to where you want to be,

Jon Goldman

*IU and INU are based off of Stephen Covey's 4 quadrant model.