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How to sell WITHOUT marketing

How to sell WITHOUT marketing

October 29, 2016
If you’re a regular reader, you’re familiar with our good old friend, Big Zig. He’s our trustworthy buddy who 
helps us differentiate our company in an industry that’s crowded with competitors.


Well, it turns out that Big Zig actually has a secret. 

He has a twin brother. That’s right - there are 2 Big Zigs walking around, and sometimes they’re confused with each other. Beyond exchanging clothes to hoodwink teachers, this duo confuses us when we try to create marketing copy.
Big Zig #1 - let’s call him Mark - is the Big Zig you call on to create marketing to stand out above the crowded field. 
Who is Mark, the Marketing Big Zig?

Mark loves marketing, and he’s especially good at telling your story in a unique way. He’ll make your product memorable by making it entertaining, or creating a catchy metaphor or character for a marketing advantage. Ronald McDonald is a marketing Big Zig.


We don’t want to call him shallow, but Mark Big Zig works by emotionally comparing your company to the plain Jane competition.


But Mark’s got a twin. Mark’s twin reads Russian novels for fun; Mark’s twin is deep. We’ll call him Opie - and he’s going to help you figure out what your Operational Advantage is.


How to sell without marketing? Create an Operational Big Zig.

Your Operational Big Zig is what your company does that’s foundationally different from the rest. 
It’s when the product itself is a wow. What’s the underlying superiority in how you run your business? 
Once you figure out your Operational Advantage, you can hand it over to Mark to dress it up with glitter and a 
feather boa. But the product itself will ultimately do the selling, not Mark.



Here’s a Operational Big Zig favorite: Barrett Ersek, founder of Happy Lawn, reduced the typical sales process 
from 3 weeks to 3 minutes.

Happy Lawn uses the latest digital technology and tax map data to estimate lawn measurements. They offer instant 
quotes while customers are on the phone.

No more sales people visiting prospects’ homes, taking manual measurements, writing up quotes, and scheduling 



Here's another Operational Big Zig.  "Clocky" is the alarm clock created by a consistently tardy MIT graduate student.  
She developed an alarm clock that rolls off the nightstand when the alarm sounds and 
randomly rolls around on the floor forcing you to chase it around the room to shut it off.

Both Clocky and Happy Lawn are fantastic to market because their operational advantages
offer up a phenomenal marketing Big Zig on a silver platter!

Let's review.


When you're creating a Marketing Big Zig, you're asking the following questions:


​1.  How can we show what makes our product or service different by comparing it?

2.  How can we have fun with it?  How can we make it entertaining?  What metaphor will represent the problem

     and the solution that we solve?

3.  How can we make fun of ourselves to get our product/service noticed?



When you’re conceiving your Operational Big Zig, you’re asking these following questions:


1.  What's the biggest industry challenge facing your prospects right now?

2.  What's the conventional wisdom about the best way to solve it?

3.  What would be the opposite of the conventional wisdom?  (For example, if conventional wisdom

     says consumer should spend less, the opposite solution would be to spend more). 

4.  How can you turn that 'opposite solution' into a Big Zig that meets the needs of your prospects?





Both Big Zigs are vital to a thriving business in crowded industries. Talk it out with your coach or mentor to discover how to develop your Big Zigs for your advantage. 



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