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Glad, sad, glad I'm thinking about baseball

Glad, sad, glad I'm thinking about baseball

May 26, 2011

What makes you happy or sad? Most people let their emotions become dependent on things that our outside themselves. That's a mistake and one I learned from our Little League baseball team.

The best business advice can come from the most unlikely places.

It can come from a movie, a song, something your kindergarten teacher said 30 years ago' or in this case from a little league baseball team I coach.

It's been one of the most amazing, frustrating, exciting, disappointing and exhilarating experiences ' and that was just last Sunday's game! Seriously. It's also been a valuable learning experience and this one really struck home (pardon the pun!) with me and it hope does for you too '

Earlier this week, the rain finally began to let up and the sun was shining so I got my bike out to ride to work. I was so excited. I haven't ridden since last fall.

On my way in I was feeling good and saw someone else riding. A guy who looked like he was in his late 40's or 50's. I pedaled hard like I usually do and before you knew it, I caught up to him. With a feeling of pride and joy I wished him a "good morning" then pedaled right by him leaving him in the dust. I was feeling pretty good about myself and what good shape I'm in.

Then a funny thing happened. As I was up in my saddle and pedaling hard up a hill, out from nowhere a younger guy pedals right by. No "good morning,' nothing. He flew up the hill like it was nothing and totally left me in the dust! I felt so sad. I thought I was doing so well, and then this guy came and stole all of my happiness. At the next stop light, I caught up to him and thought, "It must be because he's younger than me." Then I realized what a fool I was.

I made the terrible mistake of comparing myself to others. I judged my success with how I measured up against someone else.

I saw the same thing happen in our baseball game last week. The players came out happy and excited to play. Then, as the other team started to score runs (that's happened quite a bit) and we weren't performing our best, we became sad.

Then, low and behold we got up to bat, several walks later and a killer triple by one of our players and we finished the inning with the five run maximum rule. You guessed it, then sadness set in again and stayed with us. This is crazy. So let me tell you a secret I learned.

Most people let their happiness be dependent on things that our outside themselves.

Who is rich? One who is happy with his portion

Our job, whether we're playing in a baseball game or running a business, is to maintain a sense of self regardless of what the outside world is giving us.

This is the greatest lesson in the world. If we can learn this we will always be happy. I made the mistake of comparing myself to other people when I was riding my bike. But the truth is I should only be focused on my own progress. Hey, it was my first time on a bike in a while and I felt great about that. I am now on a journey this summer to grow, improve and enjoy the ride.

I left my baseball players with the same message. We only have 2 weeks left. We've have had such a great season! Our job is to focus on enjoying and playing baseball and improving.

What's your goal? How can you personally improve just a little bit? Be careful not to compare yourself to anyone else. Focus instead on what you can do keep improving.

For our baseball team, I tell our players we're all about MFB - be a MENTSCH (Honorable Man), have FUN, and know where the BALL is going. If we focus on these three things we will have a great season.

What are you about? What do you need to focus on to have your best season or your best year ever?

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President