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This Girl Scout- Naughty or Brilliant?

This Girl Scout- Naughty or Brilliant?

January 31, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a caption is worth even more.


I got a text message the other day that summed up so many awesome marketing concepts in one image.


This small story is so wild that it's been aired on TV, published in newspapers, and gone viral on social media.


Check this out if you care about growing your business:


Put your personal, political, and parental reactions aside for a minute and put on your business glasses, because this savvy girl scout gets it.


Danielle Lei sold 117 boxes of girl scout cookies in about 2 hours outside of a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. If you do the math, that's about 1 box of cookies a minute! She may have set a record.


This story has taken off with the media. But why?


Well, it's controversial, surprising, humorous, and edgy, making a great combination for lots of buzz.*


But I think there's another reason why this story is making headlines.


Whether they realize it or not, everyone who hears this story thinks to themselves, "gosh, that's pretty brilliant. People who are buying marijuana are great customers for girl scout cookies."


If you understand and apply this 1 concept to your business that I'm about to share, you're just about guaranteed marketing success: find your Hungry Fish and offer Irresistible Bait.


Here's what I mean.


See, most businesses have great services to offer. They really do. They're like girl scouts who sell legitimately delicious cookies. But the boxes of cookies won't sell themselves. In fact, thousands of girls across America sell girl scout cookies outside of many venues and have not come close to this whopping number in such a short amount of time. It's clearly not just the pre-packaged product that makes the sales.


So here's the missing piece. It's who they're selling the cookies to.


Your ideal customers, the ones who will plow through your girl scout cookies at a box a minute, are called your Hungry Fish. These are people who are hungry for what you have to offer (perhaps literally.) You don't have to persuade them to buy from you. They already want what you're selling. You may have to agitate their hunger and make them aware of just how much they want or need your product, but the desire is already there.


Nearly every week entrepreneurs tell me how frustrated they are with price competition. Look, if you continually find yourself in a fight selling a commodity product it means you have a strategic problem. You haven’t identified your “Big Zig for the right Hungry Fish”. You are making the wrong offer to the wrong person. I suggest you sit down immediately and retool your offering or call us if you need help to break out of this trap. Many have done it before you and many will do it after you. It is possible to find Hungry Fish.


Once you've found your Hungry Fish, you offer what we call Irresistible Bait. After you've identified a group of people who want your girl scout cookies, you dangle it in front of them. You offer your delicious product, offer, subscription, service, or whatever bait you're selling.


Make it super easy for your Hungry Fish to grab your Irresistible Bait. Set up shop with a table of cookies right outside of their space. To be irresistible, make your offer "no strings attached."



*We're giving away FREE girl scout cookies.** To claim your box, schedule your also FREE 15 minutes Hungry Fish Identification Session, HERE. Must be scheduled before February 3, 2016.*



How many times have you seen an ad promising something so fantastic, then you read the small print and suddenly the offer isn't so tempting anymore? "Only valid Monday- Thursday 6-9 PM," "with a $40 minimum purchase," "excluding [enter best product here]."


Make your offer "no fine print involved."


That's what makes it irresistible. It's almost too good to be true.


To identify your Hungry Fish, check our 6 Hungry Fish Profiles. Each one of these touches upon a want. Once you've determined you're target market's primary want, fill them up with your solution.


1. Cool fish - they want to feel more powerful than others.
2. Lazy fish - they're interested in relaxing and anything that will give them pleasure.
3. Rich fish - they have an insatiable appetite for more, whatever more is.
4. Greedy fish - they want success badly; the quicker and easier the better.
5. Healthy fish - they are driven to protect themselves from getting sick and dying.
6. Fat fish - they are in pain and hungry now; they are the hungriest of all fish.


Find those Hungry Fish, and offer them your Irresistible Bait.


*We're giving away FREE girl scout cookies.** To claim your box, schedule your also FREE 15 minutes Hungry Fish Identification Session, HERE. Must be scheduled before Feburary 3, 2016.*




Taking you from where you are to where you want to be,

Jon Goldman


*We are not endorsing marijuana or encouraging children to take advantage of stoned people. This story is meant to be an example of target marketing, nothing more. A wise person learns from everybody. A wiser person is able to filter out what to learn and what not to learn.