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An Easy Way to Increase Sales 38% in 30 Days

An Easy Way to Increase Sales 38% in 30 Days

July 21, 2011

Let's face it. Your customers are sick and tired of empty sales pitches. They've become numb to advertising. So how can you advertise today with so much 'sales resistance'?

Finally, there's a way to break through the clutter in less than 3 seconds and get your prospect to pick up the phone and call YOU.


Before I tell you, look at the problem you're up against. The average person now gets more than 3,100 messages a day. It's become nearly impossible to break through the clutter and get your direct mail to work.

What's the answer? It's the 'Scratch Off Wonder.' It's the same technique that has made many direct marketers millionaires!

To give you a sense of just how powerful this technique is let me tell you about Jerry Rinalli, a Chicago business owner. Jerry wanted to increase sales with current customers and bring in new customers. So he sent out scratch off cards to promote one part of his businesses that was slow. Within in 30 days his sales were up over 38% over the previous year.

To understand why the "Scratch Off Wonder" is so effective, let me ask you this question: What's the real goal of any direct mail piece? Answer: To motivate a prospect or customer to respond to your offer. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) direct mail pays an average of $13 for every $1 spent. However, there are 4 big problems with direct mail that prevent most people from making a real profit.

Here is the 1 technique that overcomes the 4 big problems of direct mail.
Problem #1: Most letters never get opened
Problem #2: Most never get read
Problem #3: Most letters don't actively involve the reader
Problem #4: Most never motivate the reader to respond to the offer.

The "Scratch off Wonder" overcomes all 4 problems. It's driven by a secret psychology and once you really understand the 4 secrets of marketing psychology it's like having the power of mind control...

Marketing Secret #1: Busy Fingers increase response.

Research has proven that the more a person physically and emotionally gets involved in your mailing the greater your sales. Enclosing a scratch off card forces a person to scratch it off to see what they have won.

Marketing Secret #2: The Desire to get something for FREE is like irresistible bait!

It doesn't matter who you are, even the richest man in the world can't resist getting something for FREE. Hands down the word FREE is one of the top 3 magic words that drives response rates wild. As soon as you put the word 'FREE' in front of your offer, people will line up to get what ever you are giving away. FREE prizes are like irresistible bait that the fish can't help but bite. When you enclose a scratch off card it's like putting irresistible bait in front of a hungry fish.

Marketing Secret #3: There's a hidden desire in every prospect to win big.

Why is the lottery so big? Do you know anyone who has ever bought a lottery ticket? Have you ever watched a baseball, football or hockey game and found yourself rooting for your team? Just watch your friends play games and you'll see they can't stop until it's over. Why? Once someone starts playing they can't stop until they know whether they've won or not.

Therefore, the most important thing is to get your prospect to start playing.

Marketing Secret #4: The Law of Reciprocity

It's a natural law that works every time. If I give you something, you feel obligated to give me something. I'm sure this has happened to you in the past. It's holiday time and you receive a gift or a card from someone and the first thing that goes through your mind is 'Aargh. I need to get something for them.' Why? Because, you feel the need to reciprocate.

This is going to surprise you...

I have a friend named Phil Carney from Quickpoint Manufacturing that sells custom printed letter openers for a living. Recently, he was on an airplane and asked the guy next to him for his business card. He then cut out the logo from the card, popped it inside the window of a 50-cent letter opener and gave it to his new friend as a gift. The man felt the 'Law of Reciprocity' working on him and felt he just had to give something back in return. He thanked my friend Phil profusely. He was a gold salesman. He looked into his leather briefcase, grabbed a gold necklace worth $250 and gave it to him saying 'I am sorry but this is all I have. Please accept it!'

Not bad, a 50-cent letter opener for a $250 gold necklace.

You see when you give somebody something they simply feel indebted to you. To put this secret to work for your business give your customer a free gift with a scratch off card. Then, watch how many more people will buy what you have to sell, simply because of this law of etiquette. That's the power of 'The law of reciprocity'.

Marketing Secret #5: Questions draw people in like a magnet.

Curiosity is what causes magazines to fly off the shelf in the grocery store. Curiosity is what made PT Barnum a millionaire. National Enquirer magazine hit it on the head with their tagline 'Because enquiring minds want to know.' You see a question creates a vessel that wants to be filled. Most advertising simply make statements. Statements don't engage a person. It's like reading the phone book to someone. It doesn't hold their attention. But, once you ask your prospect a question it creates a void, a vessel that nature wants to fill.

A scratch off card with an offer for a FREE prize creates a question in a person's mind that wants to be filled.

When you send out a scratch off card with an offer for a FREE gift it arouses curiosity in the prospects mind. They won't be able to rest or do anything else until they find out if they are winner and what they have won! That means higher response to your mailing.

Marketing Secret #6: Make everyone a winner

Now that you know that everybody wants to win you won't believe this. The biggest mistake most marketers make is creating a contest with only 1 winner. That means they create ill will with 99% of their customers! Don't make this mistake. Create a promotion so everyone wins. By doing this you accomplish 2 things. First, you'll get more people to respond to your offer. Second, you'll generate goodwill with all of your prospects which mean more sales for you.

Try it yourself. Test it and see if it doesn't boost your sales!

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President