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Don't Just Have a Purpose, Repurpose

Don't Just Have a Purpose, Repurpose

July 07, 2015

Don’t Just Have a Purpose, Repurpose

Whether you’ve written a book, an e-book or even a series of blogs, why not spread your content far and wide?

In an age of content marketing, there’s no better time to share what you know with your demographic audience. Today, it’s not simply a slogan that will win over new customers, instead your knowledge, solutions and expertise will allow you to establish lasting relationships with customers. This is how you go from Vendor to Expert. But, unlike the cavemen who could only draw painting on cave walls, you have the opportunity to present your content on a variety of mediums.

Little did our forefathers know that when the United States Constitution was ratified in 1788, that it would not only be a single document securely enshrined in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, but reprinted in its entirely, or in part, in history books, on websites as well as quoted in speeches, seminars, webinars and debates broadcast nationwide. The Constitution has even found its way on to an App, a graphic comic book adaptation, t-shirts sporting various amendments, You Tube videos and even a jigsaw puzzle. Now that’s repurposing!

So, What’s Your Plan for Repurposing?

If you have written a book, or e-book, repurpose it as a series of blogs or articles and if you have a series of blogs or articles repurpose them as a book.  The point is don’t be satisfied with just your cave painting.  

One way to build traction is through the social media. LinkedIn, for example now let’s you publish long form content such as blogs and articles from your profile page through their connection to Pulse.

You can also use the LinkedIn group discussions to work your topic of expertise into conversations and then link to your blog or article.  If you have a book, pulling excerpts and refining them as stand-alone blog posts or articles can be very worthwhile.  Keep in mind you can always paraphrase or edit your own work for a better fit.

It also doesn’t hurt to comment on the posts of leaders in your field who have thousands of followers.  Below articles or blogs from thought leaders are places for comments.  Add a comment that features a little of your own content. This lets repurpose your material to their massive following.

You can also use a blogging platform such as WordPress, Medium, from the creators of Twitter, or Tumblr to post a blog. Keep in mind that guest blogging for other websites is another option, one that many people overlook.

If you prefer a e-newsletter format, you need to build an opt-in list and spoon feed bits of pieces of content to your readers weekly or bi-weekly if you so choose.  Constant Contact and iContact are both places to go if you are looking to set up an e-newsletter.  


Whether it’s a mini e-course, a webinar, podcast or you actually standing and speaking in front of a roomful of people, utilizing your material as a source of knowledge is not only a marvelous way to repurpose content, but it can be very rewarding, especially when your audience starts asking you questions and discussing your topic.   

Of course lecturing or speaking presentations will require that you transform the written content into verbal communication.  You may want to hone your speaking or presenting skills by taking some public speaking classes.  

For online courses, Udemy is the leader, with thousands of courses offered and the opportunity to easily get onboard. The Udemy website walks you through the process of planning, producing, polishing and publishing a course. You can also look into Skillshare or Slideshare where you can fine tune your content into a slide deck to share. 

Get Visual

You Tube is an amazing platform for repurposing content, but it is a visual medium and nobody wants to see you sitting there reading from your book or even your blog. 

The old saying “don’t say it, show it,” has never been more fitting than it is today thanks to you’re You Tube’s one billion monthly users. Find ways to make your content visual, simple and entertaining.     

If you’re not quite ready for prime time on YouTube, you could simply post graphics on Instagram.  Content rich subjects, with visual appeal, from wedding planning to gardening to home building to vacation ideas can all jump off the page with quality photos accompanying your repurposed content.     

Going Offline

Repurposing is not limited to the internet. Plenty of print magazines, such as the New Yorker or Reader’s Digest are known for using repurposed content. You can also seek out newsletters in your field or even start your own print newsletter with bits and pieces of your content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Offer people incentives, such as discounts, for signing up.       

Explore all possibilities from which your demographic audience seeks information and you will find plenty of new avenues for repurposing your content.

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