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Build An Asset, Not A Glorified Job

Build An Asset, Not A Glorified Job

June 18, 2018

I’m tired of going in circles and I know you are too.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And for those of us who have ever been in a rut or two—and we all have, no shame in that!—there’s a point where you truly start to go insane.

That rut doesn’t just pop out of nowhere, my friend. It’s been dug into the path from all the other times you’ve passed through that same spot.

Old thinking is a trap.

And for those of us over 40, we’ve been doing the same things in the same old way for a long time. So long that we’ve become the most frequent visitors of that paralyzing rut.

We want our business to be more profitable. But it’s not.
We want to have more time for ourselves. There never seems to be enough. 

Meanwhile we stick to our old ways, and are shocked to find that we still have the same problems.

“If you keep asking same questions, and you keep getting the same answers, maybe you’re asking the wrong questions!”

Download the Ultimate Assetability Guide here.

Think of me as Leslie Nielsen in Airplane, coming through the screen and shaking up your old way of thinking. :) What else are friends are for, right?

Speaking of new perspectives, in this ebook you’ll hear live from one of our most fascinating case studies who’s done some pretty unbelievable things, and has turned his business into a profitable, sustainable asset in a very difficult industry.

I won’t spill the beans and tell you who this is. I will tell you some of the wackiest things he’s done to build his business into an asset which we’ll talk about during the webinar:

Mr. Mystery Client has:

  1. Given away a Rolls Royce with a trunk full of bars of silver.
  2. Turned down one of the biggest distributors in his industry who were banging down his door to sell more of their product.
  3. Found an absolute nobody to become the voice of his brand. He built him up so effectively, that Mr. Nobody has become a TV personality.
  4. Built a less-than-perfect franchise. On purpose.
  5. Given away 10,000 gallons of gasoline.

And this has all led to Mr. Mystery making a killing in a dying industry. An industry that’s heavily regulated, taxed like crazy, and swamped with bad PR, no less.


To start with, he’s passionate about his product.

But beyond that, he’s constantly moving onto new marketing campaigns, new internal-management strategies, new platforms and systems that just work better and faster.

The guy doesn’t get stuck in ruts. He doesn’t do the same thing over and over for the sake of his own ego and personal comfort. He charges towards what works, not sacrificing the long-term goal for short-term solutions. 

Who is Mr. Mystery Client?
How can you break out from working in your business to working on it?
How can you get more freedom, make more money, and turn your business into an asset?

Get your free copy of our Assetability Ebook here.

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be,