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The Brand Salivator Wizard

The Brand Salivator Wizard

July 21, 2009

A Collection of the Very Best Brainstorming Questions to Develop a Powerful Brand Name

Just the other day, my team and I were working with a client and we had to come up with a name for a new product we were launching and suddenly it was if someone had let the air out of the room. Dead silence.

Ever had that experience? You have to come up with the most important thing for your launch ' a brand name. Everyone knows the name has to grab your attention, deliver a promise, say what it's about and be so unique that everyone will want to know more. That's a HUGE task! It's no wonder most people are just so overwhelmed that they freeze.

Fortunately, I was able to pull out my 'Brand Salivator Wizard' that includes 50 questions you can ask as part of a brainstorming exercise. We didn't go through every question. In fact, I think we only went through the first few but it generated such a great discussion that we had a GREAT name in less than 2 hours. Don't make the mistake of thinking you'll come up with a name in just a few minutes. These things can take several hours or even several days.

Here are some of my favorites that always seem to get the juices flowing. (To see the full list with all 50 questions go to www.YourBusinessGPS.com/BrandSalivator.

WHO is the name for?

  • Who will see the name?
  • Who must the name resonate with?
  • Who else has a good name in your industry?


WHY this name?
Why should prospects choose you?
Why should they trust you?

WHERE will this name exist?

  • Where will the name be seen?


WHAT about this name?

  • What is the dream you are selling?
  • What is the promise your company will offer?
  • What is the Big Zig? (How are you dramatically different?)
  • What really big image or statement can you make?
  • What one thing do you want the prospect to think of or associate with when they see your name?


As you go through the process, write every idea down. Keep in mind, you'll probably have lots of terrific ideas for a tagline too so keep those ideas. Then vote on the top three names you come up with. You may want to sleep on your list of the top picks for a day or two before making your final decision and give yourself time to add other ideas.
What visual images (shapes, character, pictures) associate with your solution?