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Perfect for the Holidays! Take a Look.

Perfect for the Holidays! Take a Look.

December 21, 2009

Having a tough time getting into the holiday spirit?

Take a look at this. You won't regret it. (But a word of warning, you may want to grab a tissue. The women in my office shed more than a few tears when they saw it.)

Faith the dog was born to a flea market guard dog, the one survivor in a litter of stillborn deformed puppies. She was rescued by a teenage boy, who brought her home to his mother.

They weren't sure what to do this puppy, which had no front legs. But the puppy they named Faith was healthy in every other respect, and soon won their hearts. Over time, with lots of practice and the incentive of peanut butter, Faith learned to walk upright on her hind legs, like a human.

Today, that teenage boy, Reuben Stringfellow, is in the Army. And Faith has become an inspiration to members of the U.S. Armed Forces all over the world, especially those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with serious combat injuries. Reuben's mother, Jude Stringfellow, takes Faith to military bases all over the country, has written several books about Faith and maintains a Web site, www.faiththedog.info.

What an incredible story of courage, inspiration and hope.

The family took on a seemingly insurmountable challenge, and turned the struggle into a force for good. 'To her it's not a disability,' says Jude. 'It's all she knows.' Now those are inspiring words as we enter a new year.