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How to spend more time ON your business

How to spend more time ON your business

February 26, 2009

Quit spending so much time in your business!

How many times has this dialogue played out in your head?

'I need to increase your sales!' ' 'But I can't increase sales without adding more staff!' ' 'If I don't add more staff, I won't grow!' ' 'If I grow too fast, I could end up losing everything!'

It's enough to drive you nuts because there's no right or wrong statement. Each one is valid.

On and on it goes. Meanwhile, nothing happens while you go back to spending 10 and 12 hour days working in your business.

What do you do to fix it?

The solution: Freedom Teams.

A freedom team is a group of people and systems that give you the freedom to do what you love and to do those things you're great at. A Freedom Team allows you to work in your core competency, leverage it, and outsource or delegate the rest so you can work on your business ' not in it.

What role do you play?

Your job is to run the business ' not to perform the tasks required for the business to run. Think of yourself as a fighter pilot. A pilot has an entire crew of ground support including mechanics, engineers, accountants, safety experts, etc. all of whom make sure the pilot can focus on just piloting the plane. That's it. In the same way you need a crew ' A Freedom Team ' to keep you in the air so you can focus on making the best use of your talents.

What if you don't build a freedom team? Grow or die. Those are the two options you have if you don't build a freedom team. It's harsh, but that's the natural order of business.

Building a Freedom Team may also sound expensive to you, but don't worry. The additional revenue created from adding your Freedom Team will pay for itself many times over.

Create a system