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Get the attention of 6.4 million people without spending a dime

Get the attention of 6.4 million people without spending a dime

March 05, 2009

Here's what you need to pull something like this off:

1. A video camera.
2. A computer to download the video to YouTube.com.
3. Several dozen volunteers who want to have fun.
4. Some imagination.

T-mobile created this video and they probably spent some money planning, approving the concept and all the things that big corporations do, but any small business can do something like this without spending any money at all!

It's got a Big Zig - a big, bold powerful message that makes everyone stop and wonder what's going on! And it's got irresistible bait. How can you not watch?!

It's also a great example of viral marketing. One of my colleagues got this, which was sent to him by his 63-year-old mother, which was sent to her by her sister, which was sent to her by ' you get the idea. So far, it's been viewed by 6.4 million people in just 2 months!! It's fun to watch, entertaining and original. And yes, it's an ad too that you remember because it leaves an impression.

How can you leave an impression with your hungry fish that will make them think of you? What kind of video can you create that would make others want to watch? More importantly, what can you do that would make them want to tell someone else?

Check out the video for yourself by clicking here.

All the best,