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4 words that really can make a dramatic difference

4 words that really can make a dramatic difference

November 10, 2011

First in a 2-Part Series

I've got 4 words for you that will dramatically change your business.

Put them on a Post-it Note and stick it to your computer monitor so you never forget it. Have your entire team do the same thing. It's that important!

Because if you can get your organization focused on these 4 words you'll increase not just leads -- but highly qualified leads ... your sales people will actually thank you for them ' and you'll see sales soar.

This is no pipe dream. I did it at my previous company and saw incredible results. In fact, this is one of the most powerful techniques you can use in which we've seen sales jump 10%, 20% and as much as 30% -- and I'm pulling back the curtain so you can see it for yourself'

What are the 4 words that will have such a dramatic impact? Here they are'

'What's the next step?'

This is a concept we developed at Brand Launcher years ago called 'next stepping,' in which you're always asking, 'What happens next? Then what happens? And what happens next?'

As you think about the actions you want your hungry fish to take with you, you should always be asking yourself, 'What's the next step?' As you're talking with sales and marketing people about a promotion, ask them, 'What's the next step? What do we want our prospects to do next? And then what?'

If they don't have an answer, Bingo! You've found a hole in your process that needs to be plugged because I guarantee you with every hole you find you're losing sales. Nine out of 10 new clients we see at Brand Launcher have holes in their sales and marketing process simply because they never ask themselves those 4 powerful words.

Next stepping is like a Ping-Pong game. You hit the ball over the net and see who hits it back. Then you hit it back. And as you play the game your customer becomes more engaged and is more likely to buy.

It used to be that you could simply "hit one over the net" -- send out a letter, place an ad, or put up a billboard. Then you could wait for prospects to respond, or not respond. But the days of "buy and goodbye" are over. Why? Because we live in an age of advertising resistance.

Just like cockroaches become immune to pesticides; we have become immune to the 3,000 advertising messages we see each day. Today, it's all about getting your hungry fish to just say, 'Maybe.' But how?

Glad you asked. The idea is to transform your business so you're not just another vendor ' instead you want to become an obvious expert in your industry. It's about becoming a guru.

This model works with just about any business and in any industry. You'd be amazed. We use it for collection agencies, deck builders, landscapers, credit repair companies, relationship advisors, and on and on.

And I'll tell you how to build your own Guruship so you can leverage your expertise and instead of competing with other vendors who are asking prospects for their business, they're coming to you asking you to help them! How cool is that?

There are 3 steps to building a Guruship.

1) First, start like we always do in marketing by asking, 'Who?' Who is the market? (And if you're catching on I'm sure you're asking yourself, 'What's the next step Jon?' Now you're getting it!)

2) Secondly, ask yourself, 'What is the message?'

3) And in the third and final step ask yourself, 'What are the mediums we'll use?'

This is so powerful that on the day that one of our clients unveiled it in front of an audience, one of the company owners had tears in his eyes as he described it as one of the proudest days in the company's history. Wow! Talk about a dramatic difference. (Ordinarily I would reveal the company's name, but in this case I won't. Not because I'm stingy - but because their next-stepping processes are live. We don't want their marketing systems to be flooded with readers who just want to check out the model.)


First, they identified their hungry fish. As a services company in the Midwest, they chose to target office managers in small medical offices who are frustrated chasing patients who haven't paid. Remember, it's always better to be a big fish in a small pond rather than be a small fish in a big pond where you'll never stand out.

Next, they established themselves as industry experts. How? They published a book ' a 20-page book called an e-book. It's a 20-page document in a PDF format that can be downloaded from a website or sent via email in which you can immediately establish yourself as an author. It's instant credibility! In today's environment it's "publish or perish" or you'll just be perceived as another vendor asking for sales.

An e-book changes everything. Suddenly, you're in a position of giving your hungry fish value ' information, guidance and advice they can use to solve some of their toughest challenges. And it's free! All they have to do is give you their contact information in exchange for valuable information. Now you have a well-qualified lead who is interested in what you have to offer.

Start to the see the difference? It's one of the most powerful lead generation tools you can offer. Offer it on the homepage of your website. (For an example, go to www.YourBusinessGPS.com and see the e-book offer at the top right of the page.) Post your e-book on Twitter with a link to your homepage. Offer it on Facebook. Post it to Linked In. Send a link in an email to your hungry fish. Promote in a postcard, in a magazine ad, a newspaper ad, in an online ad, on a blog, etc.

But is that all you want them to do? Just download the e-book and that's it? Not in the world of "What's next!" See next week's article and I'll reveal (you guessed it!) the next steps...

Plus, if you would like one of our expert coaches to guide you through the process and help you build your own guruship, give us a call for a FREE consultation. Call today at 410-235-7070 and transform your business from just another vendor to a recognized expert!

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President