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3 valuable marketing lessons every business can learn from

3 valuable marketing lessons every business can learn from

February 15, 2010

One of the things I love about travelling and meeting new clients is that I get a firsthand look at how they're promoting their businesses.

While at one show recently, I got a chance to meet Michelle Schindler at Exact, which sells Job Boss, a project management software for manufacturing firms. I walked away with 3 very valuable lessons that I know you'll find useful'

OMG! People aren't buying. Should we stop marketing?

Lesson #1: Although people may not be buying right now, Exact put themselves in a position so prospects will think of them first when they are ready to buy. How? By sending Lumpy Mail (dimensional mail).

Did you notice too she said the company didn't stop marketing despite the recession? Even though others are saying, 'Oh no, people aren't buying! What do we do?' they continued to market with the idea that prospects will buy later.

In this case, they sent a sheet of sandpaper in the mail with a sticker on the back promoting their software along with the message: 'Business a bit rough lately?' What a brilliant way to separate themselves from other competitors and to keep their brand in front of prospects even though they may not be ready to buy at that moment.

Tell me quick! What are you selling?

Lesson #2: Always be prepared to tell prospects what your business can for them in 30 seconds or less ' and make it so compelling they want to learn more. Here's the key: you absolutely must include a promise ' a benefit that clearly shows how you'll make your prospects life better or easier. In this case, they promise their software will create more time for business owners to work on the business and not in it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Lesson #3: The images of the people you use in your advertising and on your display booth should mirror your ideal customers. In this case, the company targets white collar positions in a blue collar industry so a denim dress shirt is a perfect representation that prospects can identify with.

What images are you using? Do they mirror your prospects?

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman

P.S. For other ideas to set your marketing apart from your competitors check out our product listing at www.LumpyMail.com. One of my favorites is the trash can mailer! You have to check that one out!!



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