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3 Recession Busting Strategies That WILL Increase Sales Online!

3 Recession Busting Strategies That WILL Increase Sales Online!

July 29, 2009

Here's another counter-intuitive test worth trying

Conventional wisdom says only offer a free report or an e-book in exchange for a prospect's contact information so you can build your database.

Test it, says Jay Berkowitz. Test that theory against giving away the same report or e-book and ask nothing in exchange. Why just give it away? Because more people may download your giveaway and therefore more people may choose to do business with you. We won't know until we test it. I know I will!

If someone could tell you how to increase your online sales 44% or add hundreds of thousands of qualified leads you would probably get pretty excited about that, right?

Well, get ready because we have the secrets to do just that - and do it cheaply, thanks to the advice we got from Jay Berkowitz, CEO of TenGoldenRules.com, an online marketing firm, and our guest on this month's teleseminar (see enclosed).

I didn't want a lot of high-tech, expensive ideas. I wanted cheap, practical things that have been proven to work that can increase sales. And we've got 3 good ones right here:

#1: Post content to your site - make it a habit

Add informative, how-to articles on your website. Whether you're B2B or B2C, the key to begin driving traffic to your site is to create articles that others would want to read, Berkowitz says. Why? It will naturally lead prospects to the products and services you offer and it will help make your site more important among the search engines such as Google and Yahoo so users can find your site more easily.

Too busy to write articles or don't feel you're a good writer? No problem. Berkowitz suggests hiring a freelancer from guru.com or elance.com. I personally use a terrific service called Copytalk.com (1-866-267-9825 ext. 419, mention my name and get a discount!) in which I dictate my ideas over the phone and then have them transcribed and sent back to me so I can just edit the copy and turn it into an article.

Make it a habit to routinely add articles once a week or even once a day. Berkowitz recently required his staff to post an article on the company's blog with internet marketing tips to help drive more traffic to TenGoldenRules.com.

After they post their blog, they can check off that they did it on an excel spreadsheet that everyone shares on the network. (Tip: Google Docs are a great way to share notes, charts and spreadsheets like this one. It's free and can be easily updated by everyone using it.)

If you're already adding content, you can also create an e-zine similar to Your Business GPS e-letter we publish every week.

Most people don't buy right away. They research first. So while people are researching you can develop a relationship with them and build trust by delivering tips and advice they can use. When they are ready to buy they'll think of you first.